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Seaside Builders has years of experience building homes on the Outer Banks. From brand new home construction to renovation projections, you’ll be satisfied!
Building a new home on the Outer Banks, or anywhere for that matter,  is never a simple task. It’s an investment in your future, and it needs to be done right. You need a builder you can trust, communicate with and rely on to build you a home that will last for generations. With Seaside Builders, you’ll get that and more.

The Home You Deserve

Our homes are built to last. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t take short cuts. You want a quality home and our job is to make sure that’s what you get. Once we’ve built it, you’ll have a house you love and you’re proud to call your own. Part of any job is delivering client satisfaction, and we have a long standing record of satisfied clients who can assure you we do just that.

Renovations As Well

Not everyone needs a new home; sometimes the one you have would be just fine with a little tweaking. At Seaside Builders, we know how to add on to your home and make it blend in with the existing structure. We take just as much care with a remodel as a new home, and the payoff is clear when you see the final product.

What We’re Known For:

  • Personal Attention – We’re actively involved in every aspect of the construction. You’ll know the people building your home.
  • Regular Communication – We’ll keep you up to date on every phase of the construction, and if you don’t live on the Outer Banks, we’ll give you regular status reports.
  • Above Standard – We build your house with premium materials and don’t cut corners. Your house is built to last.
  • The best homes in Northeastern North Carolina or anywhere else!

A Name You Can Trust

When you pick Seaside Builders, you’re picking Sam Barker. Sam has decades of experience in construction, and he can put that experience to work for you. With constant communication, you’ll never be left wondering how things are going on your new home. You’ll be updated regularly during all the phases of construction. With Seaside Builders, you never have to wonder what’s going on with your home.

We want to help turn your dreams into reality, and you won’t be disappointed in the service or results. If you’re ready for a new home on the Outer Banks, call Seaside Builders now!

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